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  • Please click the title of each course so that you can see explanations about the courses.

  • Make sure all bookings should be made at least 2 days (48 hours) earlier than the day of the tour.

  • 1 hour extension fee : 35USD per person for Custom Tour / 30USD per person for Other Tours.

  • Group discount : we will provide you with a coupon code of each discount rate. So please let us know how many people are in your group. (2 People : 10% off / 3 people 15% off / 4+ people 20% off)

  • Only female customers can rent an Unnie.

  • No age limit for our service.

  • Please note any expenses are NOT included in your price, such as foods, transportation, entrance fees or any third party services. Travelers are responsible for additional fees required for you and your Oppa&Unnie.